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A case for Laptop Stands to be made cumpulsory for all students under 16 in Australia


Year 6 speech for Proposed new legislation on Laptop Stands for Children (Covenant Christian School Sydney)

We stumbled across this excellent 2 minute video presented by an outstanding year 6 student from Covenant Christian School in Sydney and could not help but share it with you all. She puts forward a wonderful argument in favor of proposing a new Australian legislation to ensure that Laptop Stands are made cumpulsory for any student under 16 years of age, who use Laptops for more than 30 minutes a day. She's pretty convincing in her speech, and brings to light some facts which we ordinarly don't think about much. Some highlights of her speech were: 

  • If we continue to live the way most Australians do - we will all end up as the hunchbacks of Australia
  • When children learn to hunch using laptops at such an early age, when they get older and work for long hours, their backs could get worse or damaged, simply from hunching over too much!
  • If we can start the kids, having good posture early, it will mean better backs and less pain in the long run. Also if kids are aware and understand the need for ergonomics, they would take this knowledge and use this in the workplace. While children are still young, their muscles and bones are still developing, so poor posture at a young age can have long term negative effect. 


Here's the Laptop Stand video: 

Best Laptop Stands for Kids: 

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