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Assistive Reading Devices for Arthritic Hands and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Pain free, Hands Free and Convenient Reading  

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can limit the mobility of your hands. Even slightest movement or gripping may become difficult, overwhelming and painful. It is impossible not to use your hands. All everyday activities like cooking, writing, carrying bags, reading and even using your mobile, ipads or computers require less or more hand movements. Even slight pressure from holding a book can become overwhelming and wreck havoc on those painful joints.

These painful disorders limit not just your hand mobility but also your interests in leisure activities like reading your favourite book or browsing your favourite recipe on the iPad. Using a correct reading assistive device becomes essential to prevent such painful events and make life a more easier.

At Laptopstand.com.au we have experts who bring and offer you the ergonomically designed reading aids to help reduce the strain and pains caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These reading aids are designed to offer you convenient and enjoyable reading experience without being heavy on your budget. Don’t make Arthritis or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome become an everyday challenge. Enjoy reading or browsing hands free with these assistive devices.

Assistive reading devices

These are light-weight, foldable, angle adjustable book holders or tablet stands designed for easy hands free reading. Their ergonomic design makes reading or browsing comfortable without causing any wrist, neck or shoulder pains making reading delightful and stress free.

Book Stand Pro 


Easy fold away storage, take the Book Stand Pro with you anywhere. Ergonomically designed – comes medically recommended.Flexible & light weight construction. Few moving parts – simple design. Great for holding copies, manuals, paperbacks, novels, cookbooks etc. Accommodates Big Books, Hardcover Books, Cookbooks, Thick Books. Non Slip PVC rubber base - this prevents your stand from slipping away. Product is very light weight yet sturdy and tough – weighs only 550 grams

Versa Stand 


Versa Stand is a multi-functional stand that can be used as a Book Stand, Laptop Stand, and a Laptop Riser. The stand comes eqipped with a copy holder mounted on the top, which can be moved around to any of the sides as per your convenience.With 6 height adjustment options, you’ll never have to strain your neck again.Product is very light weight yet sturdy and tough – weighs only 0.65 kgs.

Portable Book Stand 


A no nonsense portable book stand cum iPad Stand which allows hands-free viewing and reading. Flexible & light weight construction ensures that there are few moving parts - the design is kept simple hence it will give you years of viewing and reading comfort. The iPad stand folds flat and is only 200 grams in weight - hence the "carry it anywhere" tag.

Portable Tablet PC Stand


Rugged acrylic and steel construction. Smooth non-toxic slicon pads for comfort and convenience. All these have been cleverly crafted together in this amazing looking new Tablet Stand which allows you to use your latest computing gadget in convenient landscape or portait mode, be it the iPad range from Apple, the Kindle e-reader series from Amazon or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet variants.

iRest by Raindesign


The new iRest stand allows you to view or read on your iPad handsfree while relaxing on the sofa or bed while providing excellent comfort and stability. Remove the cushions and convert your iRest into a cool desktop stand in both portrait or landscape mode. The innovative design allows viewing angle adjustment of upto 60 degrees reducing any eye, neck or shoulder strains. Its lightweight and sleek design enables it to fold flat, easy to pack and carry wherever you go.

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