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Best Laptop Stand for your favourite Apple MacBook


Best Laptop Stand for your favourite Apple MacBook  

Love your latest next-generation Apple MacBook. You bought it because it is powerful, capable, durable and enjoyable to use. But with pleasure also comes pain, the side-effects from prolong use of these mobile gadgets on your body. True, the laptops are a technology boon, but the other truth is that they are not really designed keeping in mind the human body and its limitations. Most of us have experienced the discomforts that arise due to improper usage of laptops. Placing it on your lap has the risk of toasted skin syndrome due to laptop heat while placing it on surfaces like desks may result in bad posture leading to constant neck, back and shoulder pains. Plus the most common issue of overheated notebooks cannot be dismissed that easily. Prolong use causes your laptop to heat up due to the close proximity of its components and very little space for air circulation. Overheating may cause damage to your favourite Apple Notebook and reduce its lifespan.

An easy to way to eliminate these risks while using your MacBook or any other notebook is to use the Laptop Stand. While there are various types of laptop stands available in the market, the key lies in identifying the notebook stand that best suit your personalized needs. We have listed the 5 best laptop stands designed for your favourite Apple notebook and for your specific computing needs.

mStand by Rain Design 


Sturdy and durable, the mStand is made of a single piece of anodized aluminium. With looks to match your Apple notebooks, the mStand is designed to provide the ergonomic height and angle requirement. The recess at the bottom of the stand can be used to stow your keyboard when not in use, while the back of the stand has been designed for cable management and clears your desk space. The Aluminium panel and tilt design of the mStand improves the air flow and keeps your laptop cool. The mStand is designed and manufactured by Rain Desing Inc, designer of stylish and beautiful ergonomic computer products and accessories for Apple. In addition to the regular mStand, the new mStand360 comes with a swivel base that enables you to rotate and share your screen with just a simple touch.

Notepal U Stand by Cooler Master 


Notepal U Stand Notebook Cooler is designed by Cooler Master, the designer and creator of expertly and elegantly crafted aluminum stands and accessories for mobile products. It is the best offering in the Notepal range of notebook coolers form Cooler Master. Constructed of brushed aluminium, the laptop is sturdy and can support laptops up to 17”. It is ergonomically designed with 5 height settings. The 3 USB ports keeps you connected to multiple devices. With 2 removable cooling fans and perforated aluminium base this laptop cooling stand dissipates heat from your laptop preventing it from getting overheated. This amazing gadget is the cooling stand of choice used by amateurs and professionals world over. It's light, it's versatile and it's adjustable and most importantly its quiet. Get the convenience you want at a price which will not put you back.

Defianz Desk Stand 


The only desk stand or notebook stand that cools, connects, inclines and elevates your Apple notebook, all at the same time. The Defianz Desk Stand is ergonomically designed to provide almost unlimited choice of angle and height adjustments allowing you to personalize the stand to your perfect height and viewing angle. It comes with a powerful and absolutely silent fan that keeps your laptop cool. The 4 USB port hub allows you to connect multiple devices. Available in 2 colour options – Gorgeous Black and Pearly White. It also folds flat to just about 2 inches thick for easy portability. With its unique ergonomic design, this desk stand is truly a winner and a perfect companion for your Apple notebook.

iLap by Rain Design


Yet another stylish and comfortable lapdesk from Rain Design Inc, the iLap is made of anodized aluminium enabling excellent heat dissipation. This is one amazing looking lapdesk that can be used straight out of the box. It comes with 2 comfortable cushions – one for the front and the other for the back , providing excellent comfort while using your Apple MacBook on the lap without having the to worry about the laptop heat. The iLap can also be used on your desk without the front cushion. When used on the desk, its ergonomic tilt design lowers the laptop keyboard and prevents any hand or wrist strains. The iLAP comes in 6 different sizes to suit both Mac and other notebooks.

Targus Lap Chill Mat


Targus brings you the Lap Chill Mat designed to counteract the laptop risks. The It has been designed ergonomically to provide you the right height and tilt for your hands while you type away on your laptop for hours and helps prevents strain on your wrist. With exterior made of soft neoprene material for added cushioned comfort for your lap, you can now use your laptop in any unstructured space outside of your desk be it in your home on the sofa or bed or outside while travelling in the trains. Your notebook can now rest comfortably on your lap in virtually any sitting position. The Chill Mat comes with 2 efficient yet silent fans to prevent your laptop from getting heated and has an open design to simulate airflow and disperse the heat from your laptop increasing its efficiency and life. Place your laptop securely on the Lapdesk , the Targus Lap Chill Mat has four adjustable rubber stoppers on the surface to prevent your laptop from any slippage.

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