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How to make computing a comfortable experience while travelling?


How to make computing healthy and comfortable while travelling?

More and more organisations today are realising the benefits of mobile workforce with the advancement of technology and security in mobile computing. This allows the employees to work on-the-go making them more productive. Companies are now providing laptops, tablets and even smartphones tied up to their corporate network and security enabling their sales force or IT employees to work effectively.


Computing while travelling has never been easy, especially when you have to use your laptop or tablet in the cramped seating with no support for the device. We all have suffered from the computing discomforts at one point or another during our lifetime, whether it's the neck pain from screen being at wrong eye level, back pain due to wrong posture or wrist pain due to continuous typing without any wrist support. While travelling and computing go hand in hand thanks to easy connectivity, it has only increased these discomforts. So how do you make working on mobile devices smarter and comfortable outside your office? The answer lies in understanding the basics of laptop and tablet ergonomics. Ergonomics is no rocket science and with just a few changes in your way of using the computing device can work wonders for you.


Here are some basic tips on how to make mobile computing comfortable & productive while you travel.

  1. Using backpacks for laptops or strapping it across your shoulder to another side helps reduce the stress on neck and shoulders.
  2. Use Lapdesks for sturdy and stable surface. Lap desks also helps in preventing the laptop heat effecting your lap. Some Laptop desks even have inbuilt mouse pads.
  3. Use lightweight and portable laptop stand. These are easy to carry while travelling and will easily slip into your luggage or laptop bag. There are various portable laptop stands that come with inbuilt fans for cooling, in-built flip up risers for raising the height of the laptop and an inclined designed to support your wrist.
  4. Carry additional keyboard and mouse, these help in separating the laptop/tablet screen from the keyboard and reduces the neck and shoulder strain caused during prolonged typing sessions.
  5. Make sure you change your posture between sitting and standing every 15-20 minutes while you are at the airport or hotel and computing for long hours.
  6. Use angle adjustable portable tablet stands. These are lightweight tablet stands and help in placing the tablet securely on your lap while you enjoy hands free viewing.
  7. Use reading lights that easily clamp on your laptop or tablet so that there is sufficient lighting. This will help in reducing the eye strain.
  8. Lastly, maintain a correct posture. Sit in an upright position. You can even place a small pillow behind your lower back to support your spine. Maintaining a correct posture reduces back pain.

Make computing a comfortable and an enjoyable experience by using the basic additional accessories and taking some extra time to prepare yourself for that added comfort. Following these simple tips will make your trip comfortable and productive without compromising with your health.

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