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Laptop Stand – Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Laptop Stand - Because Prevention is better than Cure.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an inflammatory disorder caused as a result of repetitive stress that causes tissue around the Median nerve in the wrist to inflate. The Median nerve is a sensory nerve in the wrist that is connected to the thumb, index and ring fingers. Continuous prolong activities like typing, writing or even unhealthy posture cause the tendons and ligaments in the wrist to swell resulting in the compression of the median nerve fibers which in turn slows down the transmission of nerve signals in the wrist. The result is numbness, tingling sensation and even pain in the wrist, hand and fingers.



The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually impacts frequent users of mobile computing gadgets like laptop, tablets or even your mobile phones. Seems unavoidable, isn’t it?

Lets look at some of the key symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –

  • Frequent pain in wrist
  • Pain radiating from the wrist up to the forearm
  • Numbness in fingers and thumb
  • Cramps and sharp, piercing pain shooting form the wrist up the arm
  • Weakness in forming a grip or even when picking small objects
  • Pain in the neck and shoulder, especially on the same side as the wrist.

Common causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –

While it is generally work associated, carpal tunnel syndrome may also be caused due to other medical conditions like stress or arthritis. Some of the main causes are

  • Repetitive activities like assembly, sewing, typing, cleaning etc
  • Direct force or pressure on the wrist
  • Incorrect and prolonged constrained posture

Modern computing gadgets and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -

It is almost impossible to imagine our daily life without laptops, tablets or even mobile phones. We spend hours, days typing away data, messages on these devices without giving a thought about its impact on our health. It’s the continuous and prolonged use of these mobile devices and their poor ergonomic design that causes various health issues.



While the laptops, tablets and mobiles are getting slimmer, faster and more efficient by the day, very little thought has been given to make them more ergonomic. The size of these devices, the distance between the keyboard and the screen, using the laptops or tablets on lap, all these leads to incorrect postures, irritated eyes, neck, shoulder and back pains and the most common effect carpal tunnel syndrome. This in turn leads to decreased productivity and inefficiency in the users.

Using an external keyboard and mouse along with an ergonomically designed laptop stand while using your laptop can help correct the posture and decrease the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Why Laptop Stand?

Laptop Stand is an ergonomic home or office equipment that supports the laptop while improving your posture at the same time. It raises the laptop screen to an ergonomic height so that you don’t have to tilt your head down or hunch over your shoulders, this in turn encourages good posture and helps prevent or eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain.



A laptop stand is also an easy and affordable way to prevent the health issues caused due to poor ergonomics of laptops. A Laptop stand is definitely much more cost effective than multiple visits to your physiotherapist or chiropractor. There are many choices today available in the market, but the key is in choosing the right one for your personalized need.

To avoid or reduce the effect of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, choose a laptop stand that has multiple height and angle adjustments to provide optimum viewing and correcting your posture. An inclined or raised laptop stand surface will support your wrist while you type away for long hours on the laptop.

The different types of laptop stands -

At Laptopstand.com.au, we reseacrh and offer you a range of ergonomic Laptop Stands with the entire focus on a healthy you. There is one for everyone, a Laptop Stand that meets your personalised needs.

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