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Over Bed Tables - Medically Assistive Devices


Over Bed Tables  

Overbed tables are medically assistive device or a medical accessory for those who have limited mobility or are recovering due to medical conditions. Highly useful, these tables are ergonomically designed and are sturdy, portable and easy to use. An ideal overbed table can be used for reading, writing, eating, children’s activities and even for using your mobile computing gadgets like the laptop or an iPad. The purpose of the overbed table is to enable you to perform various activities that you want to accomplish while still in bed. The best part is that these tables can be used almost anywhere – on the bed, over the wheel chair, on the couch and hence actually transforms into a personalised workspace. Use of overbed tables is not limited to just hospitals, nursing homes, physiotherapy or aged care they can also be used in your home or even office. Most overbed tables allow height adjustments to easily fit over the lap while you comfortably lie or sit on the bed or a couch. These are designed to accommodate the height of the bed mattress with base that slides under the bed, couch for a close fit. Some of them include tilt adjustments to enable you to set the table surface at your personalised angle while you read, write or even work on your laptop. These over bed tables are usually called Tilt and Height Adjustable Tables or even Tilt and Lift Tables. An important aspect to be looked at while considering buying the tilt tables is that they should have an anti-slip surface or have raised edges or lips to prevent any slippage. The other key feature of the assistive overbed table is that they are easy to manoeuvre for people with arthritis or musco-skeletal problems. Both the angle and height adjustments must be swift and lockable so that once set it must not wobble under pressure. These overbed tables have base with lockable wheels for easy mobility.

The other type of overbed table is the foldable overbed table, these tables generally have foldable legs and fold flat for easy portability. These do not offer height adjustments but are made high enough to easily sit over your lap with enough room for you to move and be comfortable. Highly recommended for children recovering in hospitals as it can be used for playing games and doing other children activities while still laying in bed.

The popular uses for the overbed tables are laptop table, breakfast table, hospital overbed table, kids activity desk and can be used while reading or writing on heavy set books.

Overbed Table by Defianz 


For those who will not compromise on convenience and comfort is the first priority, this over bed table by Defianz is just the right option.The Over bed table not only has an ergonomic and sturdy design but is also eco-friendly and child safe. Suitable for both left and right handed users, the table can serve a wide range of users.

The table top is made of treated MDF and has a sleek, anti-scratch surface that is easy to wipe clean. The surface has a safe, protective PU edging all around to ensure there are no sharp edges making it child safe. With surface dimension of 23.62 inches x 15.74 inches, the table surface is big enough to support most activities.

The table surface rests on a single supportive pole & base frame that are made of reinforced, polished aluminium. The strong and sturdy pole and base frame supports the overbed table up to load capacity of 50 kilograms or 110 pounds. The base has 4 high quality, smooth and lockable wheels that can easily slide on various surfaces like cemented, carpeted, laminated or even tiled surfaces without causing any scratches or damage to the flooring. The wheels lift the base frame just 3 inches from the floor making it easy to slide under a bed or a couch.

The overbed table is ergonomically designed to provide multi angle and height adjustments so that the user can set it to their preferred and personalised setting removing. The personalised angle and height adjustment helps maintain a healthy and correct posture and prevents any inconvenience caused due to neck and back strains. The table surface can be tilted to a maximum of +/- 35 degrees while the height of the table can be adjusted between 21 inches to a maximum of 32 inches providing ample space between table surface and yor lap. The screw lock mechanism enables the user to securely position the personalised angle and height of the table removing all the discomforts and inconvenience caused by wobbly tables.

The overbed table pack comes with separate top, pole, base, castors and screws. Requires minimal effort for assembly and is ready for use in just a few minutes.

With its multi-purpose built, the table can be used to serve breakfast in bed, as a hospital table, personalised desk even your kids study table.The table has received more than 50 five star customer reviews, is ergonomically certified, comes highly recommended and has a convenient price that does not break your budget.

Bed Table by Defianz 


Whether you want to pamper a loved once with breakfast in bed or have a the convenience of working on the bed or even give your kid the perfect activity table, the Bed table by Defianz comes to your rescue. Designed for easy portability, this angle adjustable table has a light-weight construction and foldable legs that folds flat to make the table an easy carry on convenience.

Ergonomically designed for convenience and comfort, this bed table requires no assembly and can be used straight out of the box. Completely child safe, the table has no sharp edges and has an eco-friendly design. The table has an anti-slip, anti-scratch surface made of treated MDF board and poly-urethane lining for smooth edges. Raised PU lip along the side of the surface helps prevent any slippage while in use. With dimensions of 23.62 inches x 15.74 inches, the surface is wide enough to hold a bowl of cereal, coffee, laptop and even a small book.

The table surface securely sits on the base frame of foldable legs made of reinforced aluminium. With height of 9 inches, the legs are high enough to make plenty of room to let you comfortably hold it above your lap. The sturdy frame of the table can support load capacity of up to 50 kilograms or 110 pounds.

The table provides multi angle adjustments up to a maximum of 45 degrees and can be securely set to your personalised angle setting using its screw lock mechanism.

The Bed table is an uncomplicated adjustable stand with foldable legs to promote good health, comfort and convenience. This bed table comes recommended as an invaluable bed table for users with limited mobility or who are recovering from surgery and illness and makes a perfect over the bed adjustable hospital table. But its not just that, this versatile and portable angle adjustable bed table has multiple uses and can be used as a personalised work desk, laptop stand, breakfast table, over bed table, kids activity table, adjustable study table and hospital table.

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