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Q. Is this an Australian Website?

Ans: LaptopStand.com.au is 100% Aussie owned and operated website. The website is the initiative of Myriad Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 141 365 086)

Q. Do you have a showroom? I would like to view the product before I buy?

Ans: Unfortunately No! We only sell online, which helps us keep our costs low. Sydney based customers can zip into our warehouse (with prior appointment) to inspect and purchase the product. Please call 1800 616 872 to find out more.

Q. I am in a hurry, can I pickup the package ?

Ans: Customers in Sydney, can pickup their packages on the same day from our warehouse with prior appointment. You can get the product instantly and save on shipping cost as well.

Q. When are the products shipped?

Ans: Orders are shipped within 24 hours (some exceptions apply). We ship our products via Australia Post. Products are shipped between Monday to Friday only. Express post option is now avalable as well (at an extra cost)

Q. How long does delivery take?

Ans: We do not accept orders for products not in stock. Once dispatched, products take on an average between 1-5 business days for delivery to most parts of Australia. A suggestive delivery timeframe can instantly be viewed when you click "Estimate Shipping & Tax" option at check-out.

Q. Can I check my shipping cost before I place my order?

Ans: Yes. We have integrated our site with Australia Post. At check-out, you can click on "Estimate Shipping & Tax" and instantly view the product delivery cost as charged directly by Australia Post and the suggestive delivery timeframe instantly.

Q. Its been more than 5 days since I ordered. What do I do if the package has been lost?

Ans: Please contact us immediately on 1800 616 872 or email us after logging into your account. We will launch an inquiry with Australia Post immediately (within business hours). If the package is lost, we will ship a replacement product to you the next business day.

Q. I want the product sooner, do you ship via private courier services like Fedex or DHL?

Ans: The only delivery option for online purchase is via Australia Post. If you want to use alternate delivery companies of your choice for quicker delivery, please call us on 1800 616 872. We can surely help.

Q. Can I save multiple shipping addresses?

Ans: Yes, we allow you to save multiple shipping addresses. Once you enter and save a shipping address, you can always log back into your account and use the previously saved shipping address. This facility helps many dropshippers too :)

Q. Do you ship products internationally?

Ans: No. At this point in time, our products can be shipped only in Australia.

Q. Does the advertised price include GST? Can I get a GST Tax Receipt?

Ans: Yes, all our advertised prices include GST. Once you are logged into your account, you can view and print all of your old invoices and tax receipts.

Q. Can I save items in a wish list and come back and order later?

Ans: Yes, all our customers can add products to their wishlist. This will be preserved when you log back into the site again. Wishlist can quickly be converted to a order to save time.

Q. Can I access my order history?

Ans: Yes. If you placed your order online, you can log into your customers account and view your order history.

Q. Can I view my order status once I have placed the order?

Ans: Yes. Order Status Updates can be instantly viewed once you log into your account.

Q. What is the best way for me to contact your website about my order?

Ans: Once you are logged in, you can view and send email messages from within the website. This will save you the hassle of writing and keep an email record trail. Alternatively you can call us on 1800 616 872 (9 AM - 7 PM AEST) - Monday to Friday.

Q. Can I view my order history ?

Ans: Yes, you can view your order history at all times by logging onto our site.

Q. What are the various ways in which I can place an order with LaptopStand.com.au?

Ans: You can order from us in multiple ways:

  1. You can purchase it online via our website
  2. You can order via phone by calling us on 1800 616 872
  3. You can pay in cash and collect the order in person
  4. You can order via Fax (order form has to be used)
  5. You can request for an invoice and send us a Purchase Order (Corporate Orders Only)

Q:What kind of Payment Options are available for my order?

Ans: You provide you with multiple payment options. They are:

  1. Online Order: Via Credit Card (Paypal, Visa & MasterCard Only)
  2. Phone Order: Via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard Only)
  3. Fax Order: Via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard Only) or via Direct Bank Transfer
  4. In Person Order (Pickup): Cash $$

Q: How can I trust your website for online payments? Is it secure ?

Ans: Our website is integrated with ANZ Bank's Online Payment Gateway and PayPal's secure payment gateway as well. We do not accept or store credit card or personal data of financial nature in any form. Our website redirects you to the bank's / Paypal's secure webpage for payment and then brings you back to our store once the payment has been made. It is totally secure and you can shop securely with full peace of mind.

Q: My payment just got declined? What do I do? Whom should I contact?

Ans: Our website is integrated with ANZ Bank's Online Payment Gateway. If your card has been declined, we request that you take up the issue with either the bank which issued your card or else with ANZ. Some of the common reasons for payment declines are:

  1. The CSC code on your card was entered incorrectly. CSC stands for Card Security Code, which is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back or front of your credit card. CSC can be known by a couple of different names. For example, Visa referes to this as CVV2 (Card Verification Code), while MasterCard refer to this number as CVC2 (Card Validation Code). On most cards, the CSC is printed on the back of the card, usually after the card number. CSC is an authentication scheme to help prevent fraud. If a credit card number is provided with an incorrect CSC, the transaction will not be approved.
  2. Your card was not issued by an Australian Bank
  3. Your internet connection originates outside Australia (We find this can often happen if you're accessing the internet from work, and are employed by an international corporation).

If you continue to have trouble, you may wish to try submitting payment via an alternative payment method such as PayPayl payment, or Direct Bank Deposit directly into our company's bank account.

Q. I am being asked for an additional password while paying. I don't know what this is ! I have never been asked for this code before. What do I do ?

Ans: Off late, most Australian Banks have now provided their customers with an extra set of verification passwords (as an added layer of protection against fraud). If you are being prompted for this code, is it because your bank has stipulated that this code be entered when any online purchase is undertaken. Please contact your card's issuing bank if you want to know about this added security feature.

Q. Is in address and credit card details kept private? Do you engage in Telemarketing?

Ans: We don't share your personal information with 3rd Parties at all (unless directed by Australian Law Enforcement Agencies). We do not engage in unsolicited telephone or email marketing. If you are contacted by telephone by any individual or organization claiming to represent us, please report it to us immediately. It is most possibly a scam.

Q. What about Warranty? How can I claim it? How long is warranty eligible for?

Ans: All our products come with a standard 1 year warranty. If the product fails due to any manufacturing defect in the first year of normal (no abusive) usage, we will be happy to honor the product warranty claim. Please send us a copy of your order invoice or quote your order number for us to validate your purchase. We don't provide a refund against a warranty claim. We always provide you with a new replacement product (it does not attract additional shipping charges).

Q. My product arrived with a damaged or missing part. What can I do?

Ans: We're sorry to hear this. We often find smaller parts are tucked away inside the boxed packaging and can sometimes be missed. After you have double-checked and are sure that the part is missing, please contact us via email or phone so that we can help you.

Q. My package was damaged in transit. What do I do now?

Ans: Bummer ! Yes - this does happen at times. Please contact us immediately if this happens with your shipment. We will be happy to send you a replacement product immediately.

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