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Tablet Revolution, Children and Ergonomics - Do they go hand in hand?


Tablet Revolution, Children and Ergonomics 

The digital revolution has already embarked upon our daily lives. Laptops, Tablets, smart phones have become part of our lifestyle. These gadgets are now being considered to create remarkable opportunities for enhanced student learning. Constant connectivity is seen as a precursor by the education departments in Australia to ensure students can access their learning resources both inside and outside the school environment. The Queensland department of education recently declared deploying 14000 tablets to schools in Queensland. A recent study, by Roy Morgan Research, concludes the percentage of tablet users in Australia, over the age of 14, has more than quadrupled from 7.2 percent in February 2011 to 33.5 percent in February 2013.

While advanced technology is producing these gadgets at an accelerated rate, making them smaller, faster and more advanced, very little thought has been given to the ergonomics behind their use. Prolonged use of tablets and improper posture can cause severe musco-skeletal issues in children as young as 4 year old, especially neck and wrist pains.

Using the tablets ergonomically at an early stage can actually bring great benefits among children if they adopt healthy habits like correct posture, regular breaks and a proper adjustment of equipment. One such equipment that can help is the tablet stand. Most of the tablet stands are designed ergonomically to help prevent or relive occupational work, classroom or home stresses or disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain or vision care when using tablet devices.

Ergonomic Tablet Stands

At Laptopstand.com.au, we have experts who bring and offer you the best in tablet stands that genuinely have a health benefit and do not just have ornamental value. These tablet stands are ergonomically designed to provide the height and angle adjustments that enables personalised viewing experience. The other key aspect is their easy portability due to light-weight and some even fold flat giving you the carry on convenience.

Portable Tablet PC Stand


Rugged acrylic and steel construction. Smooth non-toxic slicon pads for comfort and convenience. All these have been cleverly crafted together in this amazing looking new Tablet Stand which allows you to use your latest computing gadget in convenient landscape or portait mode, be it the iPad range from Apple, the Kindle e-reader series from Amazon or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet variants.

LUXA2 H4 e-Book Stand


H4 e-book stand is uniquely designed to rotate 360 degrees for different viewing purpose. You can now move your iPad freely, rotate it vertically or horizontally or even flip it the other side to share and have fun with your friends together.Winner of the reddot design award 2012, the LUXA2 H4 is made of solid aluminium with a strong and sturdy base, has 6 supporting arms with rubber ends and a silicon pad to hold your e-book firmly.

Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad + Galaxy Tab + Amazon Kindle


The portable tablet desktop stand frees up your hands so you can watch movies, read an eBook or recipe, surf the web, conduct a presentation, view photos, read displayed sheet music, or conduct any other activity that would benefit from a foldable easel type of stand. It also folds flat and is light weight, so carrying it along with your iPad or tablet will never be an issue again.

iRest by Raindesign


The new iRest stand allows you to view or read on your iPad handsfree while relaxing on the sofa or bed while providing excellent comfort and stability. Remove the cushions and convert your iRest into a cool desktop stand in both portrait or landscape mode. The innovative design allows viewing angle adjustment of upto 60 degrees reducing any eye, neck or shoulder strains. Its lightweight and sleek design enables it to fold flat, easy to pack and carry wherever you go.

Logitech Speaker iPad Stand


This perfectly engineered solution by Logitech comes with inbuilt speakers in the base providing excellent sound quality while at the same time allowing you to control the sound. Its ergonomical design enables you to rotate the stand from portrait to landscape mode and also features the Angle Adjustments for your perfect and comfortable viewing experience.The All in one iPad Stand is also a dock and charge station enabling you to charge your iPad while not in use. Place your iPad with the Logitech Speaker iPad Stand on the desk and its ready to be used as a desktop computer.

Portable Book Stand cum iPad Stand


A no nonsense portable book stand cum iPad Stand which allows hands-free viewing and reading. Flexible & light weight construction ensures that there are few moving parts - the design is kept simple hence it will give you years of viewing and reading comfort. The iPad stand folds flat and is only 200 grams in weight - hence the "carry it anywhere" tag.

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